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CREA Conference is the oldest & most important annual event in Europe that is devoted to creativity & innovation.


The conference focuses on the learning and application of methods, tools and techniques for the development of creative thinking; professional facilitators in the field share their knowledge and experience in creativity, offering an exciting exchange of the newest and best practices. This event is also an opportunity for professional and personal development - the learning and direct experimentation of creative processes, methods and techniques inspire and stimulate participants to improve their professional and personal life. 

The conference is a global gathering of creativity professionals: each edition brings together more than 200 participants, and more than 70 facilitators & session presenters that are among the best and most respected professionals in their fields. Many come from corporate or educational institutions, while others are independent consultants and authors. 

The conference takes place in Sestri Levante, a picturesque, old and little fishing town, part of the breathtaking Italian Riviera. As for geography, Sestri Levante is located approximately 50km from Genova, and only 35km from Portofino.


The CREA Conference is organized by CREA Italia, in collaboration with CREA France. The team behind the event includes well-known advocates and practitioners of creativity and creative thinking: