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For more than 20 years now, Creativity has been recognised around the world as a crucial skill for building a better future – either in business, education, or public policies. After more than 50 years of study and practice, today we see creative thinking processes being used for developing better leaders, better educational systems, better societies. Still, Creativity has a serious brand challenge in our part of the world. We see it as being a virtue of the few – a divine gift. We praise the creative class, over the creative process.

Rebranding Creativity is a conference that aims to start a movement that will change this perception and reclaim Creative Thinking as the crucial life skill for our better future.



We strive to support and contribute to the development of creative thinking (creativity) in business, in education and in society (public policy making) – in Romania, as well as in the Central & Eastern European market.

We believe applying creative thinking (creativity) in organizations leads to better performing teams, increased efficiency in problem-solving, and an over-all inclusive and inspiring organizational culture. Introducing creativity in the education system starts with teachers that are trained in creativity, and continues with their capacity to change the curricula and the teaching practices, and it eventually leads to children being introduced to and schooled in creative thinking since (public) primary level. When creativity becomes part of the public sector, it gains the capacity to affect and also involve the whole society: through state sponsored programs for creativity learning, through change-agents working within the public sector, and through collaboration in policy making.

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